Now with auto-fill search, descriptions & quality-of-life updates!
Recent Updates
  • Auto-generation when looking for username. No need to break your enter key or play Cookie Clicker!
  • Description panels have now been added!
  • Certain games will show different strings.
  • About section has been styled better.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed avatar generation when user had a default blueberry avatar.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't click on links in description because of the setInterval.
  • Plans to add automagic widget generation. So no need to download the manual profile generator.
  • Plans to add social buttons.
  • Any other suggestions? Let me know!
Manual Profile Generator
  • Due to plans to add automatic widget generation, the code for the profile generator will hardly be updated, if at all. Once the widget generator is in place, this will become depreciated.
Bugs & Suggestions
Any bugs to report or suggestions? File them over on our GitHub Repo: