Web 2.0 Updates & More!
Web 2
Web 2.0
Orangopus has received a big update! This includes design updates. You will see further changes in the future, but for now, this is our baseline.
Orangopus Labs has launched! This is where you can find experimental open-source projects that are not fully completed but are currently in development.
Orangopus Spaces
Hobbyist, nerd or artist? Spaces are specific spaces where you can post your projects and receive immediate feedback from like-minded octopuses and inklings. Check it out on Discord
We are attending MixCon 2020!
You can now support/pledge our collective and we have multiple tiers! You can receive perks for your pledges and it helps towards development costs! Win-win!!
You can submit feedback for every project on Orangopus. Thanks to Canny, we have now been provided with a sleek looking feedback board with changelogs! (Yes, this changelog)
Check the project health of our various projects.
Our official Orangopus Help Centre is open! There's not much on there at this moment, but it'll be soon filled with various help articles.
Orangopus Studios (Coming Soon)
A game development division of Orangopus is on the horizon! Join our Discord for more information...
Thanks for your continued support!
~ Orangopus Team